7 Constant Reminders I Tell Myself Everyday

We are all currently living in such strange times, where everything seems to be so uncertain. So its important take time and acknowledge that it’s ok to feel crappy about things, it’s ok to miss being around loved ones, it’s ok to worry every time you step out your front door if you are going to get COVID-19 and its ok to wish someone else will make your tall coconut milk, sugar free hazelnut latte….lol

It will be a while until we all get back to some notion of what used to be normal but until then we need to make sure to have little reminders that can help make our current situation a little less sad.

For me personally, the below reminders have not only helped me to get through COVID times but also serve as a reminder that I can handle the bad times that life throws:

  1. Forgive but never forget.
  2. Health is wealth.
  3. Strive for progress not perfection.
  4. If someone said or did something mean to you today, what they did has nothing to do with you and everything to do with themselves.
  5. Everyone’s journey is different.
  6. Be thankful for the small things for one day they will become the big things.
  7. Today is a new day.

These sentences are so simple but so powerful when you read them out aloud to yourself.

What reminders have helped you get through COVID? or when life simply is a mess? Please do share in the comments below.

Until the next post stay safe and positive.


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