5 Podcasts That I’m Loving

Listening to music while I work has always helped me to concentrate. While having a Spotify subscription I came across podcasts and instantly became hooked.

There is literally a podcast on anything and everything that you might find interesting. Its also a great way to get educated on things that you might not know much about e.g mental health etc

Personally, after sifting through the vast catalogue of podcast I have managed to find 5 that have made a real impact in my thought process.

Deliciously Ella

A great comprehensive podcast on all things health and wellness, with a series of interviews from leading experts, doctors and researchers. This is a easy to listen to podcast with a friendly approach to topics that many have questions on but not sure how to approach. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

TED Talks Daily

I am sure all of you are familiar with TED talks but for those of you aren’t TED ( Technology, Entertainment, Design) are 18min or less thought provoking talks covering topics from science, politics, mental health, space travel, the list is endless. All very informative, challenging perspective and helping you to lean something new.

The Goop Podcast

Brainchild of Gwyneth Paltrow a weekly newsletter focusing on chats with leading thinkers, industry disrupters and experts focusing on spirituality, wellness and health. This is a great podcast if you are looking to know more about the current conversation that are being had on old ideas.

Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

A self – help talk show podcast hosted by the Oh so wonderful Oprah Winfrey. The podcast is in an interview format and centre’s around giving you a positive and motivating outlook to everyday life.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Motivating, empowering and above all real talk from one of the most influential women to come out of America. Michelle Obama’s podcast gives a glimpse into the life of a first lady as well as an optimistic view of the current world we all live in. An insightful podcast which leaves the listener feeling a sense of calmness.

Are there any podcasts that have made an impact on you? Please do share in the comments section I would love to try them out.


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