Caudlie – Is It Worth It?

I started using Caudlie Beauty Elixir after picking up a travel size bottle while going though duty free. I had come across the brand on various blogs and beauty websites all raving on how amazing their products were, from the serums to their cleansers.

First off I am a big fan of French skincare brands Avene (I use their SPF 50 sunscreen), La Roch Posey (Effeclar Duo moisturiser, cleanser and toner), Estee Lauder (ANR my holy grail product to combat ageing lines and wrinkles) they have all proven to do wonders to my skin. 

Now Caudlie Beauty Elixir is a little more versatile and a bit of a multitasker of a product so there is no set way to use it I suppose.

The product comes out in a spray bottle format, with ingredients that include rosemary, orange blossom, myrrh and organic balm mint, the scent of the mist is like walking into a spa.

Now how do you use this facial spray, well I came across a few ways that all worked pretty well:

  • Instead of using water to wet your beauty blender, I sprayed the beauty elixir. This helped in blending my foundation for a more dewy finish.
  • I sprayed it as a Primer this helped to create a hydrated base for my makeup an minimised pores.
  • After Sunday facials, I sprayed a little on my face (avoiding the eye area) this helped my skin calm down a little.
  • As a setting spray.

I am still playing a little around with this product but overall I found the following results once using it for almost 3 months:

  • If you have dry skin this is perfect for hydrating your skin with or without makeup on as it does not move/ruin your makeup.
  • A little goes a long way – typically I will only use two mists from the spray to prime or set my face (you don’t need much).
  • Instant Glow – I found my skin tone improved.
  • The smell is so calming and relaxing.

Overall, I am impressed with this product and I feel that its one of those items that everyone should have in their beauty bag. Its pretty universal so you can play around with it and see how it works best within your beauty rouitne.

Since my original travel size purchase I haver repurchased this product again at the price of £32 for 100ml and this lasts me around 3 month which is not bad going.

Have any of you tried Caudlie Beauty Elixir? How did you find it ?


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