Life Update

Hello there, Wow its been a while since I last wrote a blog post.

So much has happened and to be honest its been non stop with everything but I am happy to report that I feel in a calmer place to be back writing and engaging with you all.

I am always amazed on how we balance work, personal life and social commitments. I know from my own personal experience it’s not easy and having a good routine and a little bit of a schedule really helps.

As we all know 2019 was a huge struggle for me to build a routine and to have some kind of stability (as much as they say a temp job is better than no job, I don’t agree with this at all).

Part of my 2020 resolution is to work on being the best version of myself (Good god that sounds like a cliché). However, I mean to work on my mental and physical heath, staying more positive and not fretting the small things.

So far the new decade has kicked off with a major high with a new job and a new apartment. Now that I am heading towards my 5th month end (all you accountants know what I am talking about and those of you who are lucky enough to not know – you are not missing out on anything) and have the apartment 70% ready. I have started to build some stability.

Honestly speaking it’s a juggling act with working full time, balancing a personal life, hitting the gym, ensuing you catch up with friends and family etc.

However, over the last 5 months or so I have come up with a few things that have really helped me which I want to share with you all.


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Keeping a calendar is an essential part of trying to build a routine and juggle work with other commitments.  I now have 3 calendars (yes I know it sounds a little too much) one for work, one for personal commitments and the 3rd one for blogging which I need to work more on as I am so behind with all of my monthly targets. All of these are synced together which helps me to manage my time.

Bulk Cooking 

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Bulk cooking also known as batch cooking has been a lifesaver for me in both saving time and ensuring I make the right food choices. I allocate Sundays to cooking in advance for the week ahead. I also tend to make a little extra in order to freeze remaining in the freezer. Not only this is a great way to save time during a busy working week but also ensures you are eating healthy.

Sunday Spa

Of all the week days Sundays are my favourite not only because its typically a chilled out day but it’s also a day where you can just relax, reflect and regroup.  On Sundays are tend not to book anything and aim to stay at home with the goal of cleaning and cooking in the morning and the evening is dedicated to self-maintenance  e.g. facials, manicure, pedicure, hair masks etc. Creating an at home spa is the perfect way to relax and get ready for the week ahead.

Say No

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This is a new thing for me I am very much a “yes” person and in the end feel largely guilty for putting myself on the back burner when its comes to certain areas of my life. Working on saying no to certain people and certain situations has been a little hard for me but I am coming to the realisations that it is not always a good thing to put others first. Saying “no” can be at the cost of upsetting those around but in the long term its setting an example for negative behaviours that are deprived from false expectations to be driven out from your life.

Organised Home

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Since moving into our new home I have really invested in organising (think label machine and glass jars). Having an organised home gives you a sense of control and peace of mind….no one wants to live in a mess.

These things might be little changes but they have really made a huge difference in being more efficient with my time and feel a sense of calmness.

What things do you do to help juggle the work life balance? Do share below in the comments section.

Until we speak again take care of yourself and stay safe.


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