Tatcha Pore Perfecting Moisturser and Cleanser

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So let’s talk Skincare which I have been really investing in lately. I mean there are so many brands so many products on the market that its a slow process to pick out the best of the bunch. I also love getting a small size of a product, as it’s a little easier on the purse strings in case they don’t work for me.

Now while I was in LA I made a visit to Sephora as you do, while in the store I found mini version of the Tatcha Pore Perfecting Moisturiser and Cleanser (they came as part of a set). I don’t recall how much they were exactly but I think they fell under the £40 bracket.

Now I had heard a lot about Tatcha products in general, I mean nearly all YouTube influencers rave on about it in their makeup/skincare tutorials. So I thought why not give it a go especially with it being under my budget for the travel size version of the products.

Both products are marketed as being able to refine enlarged pores, control oil, keep your skin clear and hydrated.

The cleanser is a gel like texture with tiny micro granules from Japanese luffa fruit that helps exfoliate the skin gently while you cleanse. Now onto the moisturiser an anti aging cream that hydrates and creates a clear base for makeup, this had a very thin cream like consistency.

I used both the cleaner and moisturiser for 2 weeks straight in the morning and evening an found the following:


  • My skin felt soft, hydrated and even.
  • I found my pores reduced in size and clear, the exfoliating action from the cleanser really helped in removing dead skin and blackheads.
  • I also found the cleanser really gentle and had no reaction ( I have super sensitive skin that reacts easily to changes).
  • The moisturiser was more watery than greasy when on my skin which I loved, and sunk into my skin without leaving any residue.
  • While doing my nighttime skincare routine, I didn’t have to double cleanse to remove makeup as the cleanser worked really well.


  • Even though I loved the pretty green packaging I hated the bottle that the cleanser came in. I was left with always too much after squeezing the bottle. For such an expensive product a pump would have been nice.
  • I found the moisturiser worked well during the day when putting on makeup, as that’s where I find my pesky pores showing through my foundation. For nighttime I am going to stick to my Estee Lauder ANR.
  • The price tag, this is a luxury product and a little out of my budget.

Would I repurchase?

Overall I loved using both, however I simply cannot justify in my head the full size product prices (£30 for cleanser & £60 for moisturiser) . What I would do is continue to buy the travel size and only use it for special occasions.

I would also say that this is something anyone curious as to what all the hype is about should try. Tatcha products are a treat for your skin but for me not worth paying the prices tag that its at.

Have any of you tried any Tatcha skincare?


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