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Reasons why I love the end of September – Pumpkin season begins, Halloween is closer, leafs turn from green to beautiful shades of orange, you have the excuse to transition to your winter boots/coats/jumpers etc and the fact that you are 2 months away from the end of the year.

September was especially intense month on the job front. For those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I had left my amazing job in London and relocated to here the Midlands (I know crazy move but its all for a better future and more room). I am currently starting my second fixed term contract that is due to finish in Christmas. So the aim for 2020 is to be back in a perm role.

Now over the course of September there have been a few new and a few trusty old things that have got me through which I would like to share with you all.

After all sharing is caring as my sister says.

Lunch/Snack Boxes

My current new way of saving money and being a little healthy is to bring my own lucnh to work and carry my own snacks. I found these on sale at Paperchase and loved how colourful and light they were. I have been using the large one for my lunch and the rest to carry snacks like nuts, energy balls and dried fruit in.

The Ordinary

I try to visit London once a month for two reasons one all my friends, sisters, fav restaurants and shopping is there. One of the first thing I struggled with in the Midlands is how some of my fav’s are not here. So while shopping in Topshop Oxford St branch I came across The Ordinary skincare brand and instant;y nought the two products that I thought suitable for my skin issue. Vitamin C serum to help with dullness and a chemical Peel that I have yet to use but heard amazing reviews on.

Sleek EyeShadow

I had two functions to attend in September a wedding and a reunion dinner. On both occasions I decided to play around more with my eye makeup now the old me would just do a straight eyeliner and mascara. However, I have felt inspired by many beauty Youtubers and braved the Eyeshaow pallett world. I found this Sleek Palette in Storm 578 was the perfect for day and night looks. They were very easy to belnd a super pigmentaied. So even a newbie like me didnt end up making a mess of it.

Maybelline Dream Matte Blush

During Winter months I make certain switches not only in my skincare routine but in makeup too. I find using a cream blusher helps my skin to look more hydrated and fresh. This blusher by Maybelline is one that I love and recommend as its inexpensive and very pigmented.

WHSmith Notebook

This has been a lifesaver for me when coming to blogging and something that I have utilised pretty much every day. It helps me to organise my blog ideas, posts and jot down anything that comes to my head before I forget. As someone who works full time, I find sometimes I don’t have enough time to blog and having a notebook (this was something recommended by my husband to start using) has really helped.

What things have you loved in September?


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    1. Hey my lovely,

      Thank you for reading my post. Cream blusher i find lasts a little longer throughout the day. I am trying really hard to bring and try new things. Eyeshadows are definitely a brave move on my part.


  1. I am really trying to remember to bring lunch with me every day now. I also have a few emergency tins of soup in the office in case I forget so that I don’t go to the shops on those days, it’s been working well so far 14 days without buying food in work!