Why I Learnt To Give Myself An At Home Manicure.

I am someone who loves to change my nail colour a lot e.g twice a week.

Now getting manicures especially a good quality one (the one where they actually are gentle yet effective on your cuticles are rare) can work out to be quite expensive.

So over the years I have picked up a few skills that have helped me to give myself the perfect nails all in the comfort of my home.

Now before I start I would like to mention the following points:

  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Use the write nail base and top coat your nails will thank you for this.
  • Don’t be a slave to trends if you want to wear a dark colour in the middle of summer do it.
  • Invest in good quality products.

Now lets begin, you will need:


Using your nail polish remover and cotton pads, take off any existing polish from your nails.

Once you have done this you might want to wash your hands to ensure you have a clean base. After which take cuticle remover solution and place a small amount on each cuticles of your fingers. Rub this in and then using the cuticle cutter gently remove excess skin.

Using a cuticle pusher go around the nail bed pushing and removing any excess skin.

Take a nail file and file around your nail to create a smooth shape, I tend to have a squoval shape.

Once you have your shape you will then go onto painting your nails. Using the nail polish of your choice, you want to first take the bush on the center of your nail then on either side of your nail bed. Basically you want to have no more than 3 brush strokes in order to create an even finish.

Once you are happy with your polish you will want to leave them to touch dry ( you can check by wetting the top of your finger and then touching your nail polish, if it’s still wet the polish will mark your finger).

You then need to put a thin layer of top coat again make sure you use the 3 strokes trick and then a stroke across the tip of your nail to seal.

I have been doing my nails by using this method for years now and have had my polish last for upto 5/6 days.

Doing my nails myself has become a little bit of self care thing for me whereby I get comfortable with some music/ movie in the background and relax. I also love the fact that I am saving a lot of money by learning this skill myself, that’s not to say I don’t get my nails done in salons this is usually reserved for special occasions.

I wonder do you prefer to do your own manicure?


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