Why I Chose to be a Sabyasaachi Bride

This has been a long overdue post but something that I have been meaning to write about.

I have now been married for 2 years and its been both amazing and a learning curve so to speak. Its crazy how much weddings can take over your life an really test you as a person (I had many disagreements with my family during this period).

We got engaged at the end of 2017 and spent a year planning for the wedding – now when I say planning this was largely done by both our respective families.

We pretty much let them take over the whole thing as Asian families tend to do.

Now I was never that type of girl who was crazy about weddings or the” big day”. I think there is a lot of pressure these days for women to act and be a certain way as a bride. How your whole like is just spent in waiting for that one day- the wedding day. For me it was far more important to build a marriage rather than look forward to that one day.

Nevertheless, the one thing I was decided upon right from the beginning was what I wanted to wear and who the designer would be- I wanted to spurge on the actual dress as this was important to me.

I wanted a combination of traditional yet modern and everything from the stitching to the fabric had to be perfect.

That’s when I came across Sabyasaachi, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is an Indian Bengali fashion designer from Kolkata. His work brings the perfect balance of traditional designs with a modern twist.

Next step came in trying to find a shop that sold Sabyasaachi designs and that’s when I found Aashni and Co based in Notting Hill.

This is a cute boutique specialising in Bridal, Party-wear and a few select casual wear pieces (all designer and all beautiful).

After countless visits and trying on many many different Lehenga (this is a full length skirt and a blouse).

I finally chose a dusty pink with antique gold embroidery peplum style blouse and full skirt.

As soon as I wore this dress I knew it was the one, as it was not too over the top and would age well in color. The embroidery was beautifully intricate and yet so subtle. The skirt was heavy but comfortable. But above all it made me feel like myself. There is nothing worse than a bride who does not look like herself on the day.

Traditionally in Asian weddings brides tend to wear red tones but I never seen myself as a bride who would stick to that.

It also went well for our Spring wedding as my sisters and cousins wore pale blue and pale green dresses.

I still look at my dress and love how it still looks quite in keeping with today’s trend and hoping that one day I will pass it on.


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