How I Stay Fit & Healthy

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day.”

I feel this quote runs true in everything you do. Things don’t happen overnight or in a quick space of time. Success comes after many hurdles and tried and tested methods. However once you put your mind to anything that you want to do it is possible to find your goals me.

Your health be it the physical or mental aspect of it also takes time to build and strengthen. Taking care of it and treating it with respect is a responsibility that falls down to you as an individual. No one can make you get up and work out and no one can also make you eat that entire bar of Green & Blacks Maya Gold dark chocolate.

So that being said I wanted to write this list to share some of the things I have done to help maintain a healthy and fit life. Now before I go in I want to also say that I also have my off days were I by I will drink way too much coffee and not enough water or I will eat 2 burger sin one sitting. But again this is all about balance and giving your body want it wants.


A key thing to remember here is that I don’t believe in diets, in fact I always point my friends clear from them. I just don’t think they work, denying yourself anything can not have good long term effects. For me I try and eat with a balance by that I mean if I have fish and chips for lunch then I will have salad for dinner etc. I also try and find healthy alternatives of my favourites such as I love sweets and candies which I replace with dried fruit or sugar free sweets.

I also think its important to read what you eat as in read the label of the food you are eating, you will be surprised to know half of the time the ingredients are things that you don’t expect and therefore should stay away from.


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In the past year and half I have ran a Richmond half marathon (Sept 2018) London Marathon (Apr 2019) both of which I completed with my passion for running.

I know a lot of people find running so boring but for me its a godsend with the right kind of music and route I can run with ease.

Running is also the perfect cardio which has helped me to keep fit, it is the perfect calorie burner which only gives me more reason to carb up.


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I read somewhere that most of the time when we feel hungry its actually our body telling us that its thirsty. Its recommended that we should drink 2 litres of water and I know this can be hard as I struggle but I have come up with a good way of getting in those litres. I carry a refillable bottle with me all the time to work at home and drop a few leafs of mint, a slice of cucumber or some slices of lemons/ limes. This way of drinking water has changed the way of drink water so much that I don’t even realise how quick I have drunk 2 litres.


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I first started doing yoga after my doctor recommended it for my insomnia back in 2015 saying that it would help me relax and be more calm. So I enrolled onto a yoga class, at first it I found it all very hard but after a few classes I got the hang of it. I have found Yoga to only a way to build balance and strength but also bring a certain level of stillness.


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Its so important to sleep well and least try and get your 8 hrs a night. I know a lot of people struggle with this and some don’t even realise how sleeping well not only leaves us feeling refreshed and energised for the next day but its also a vital time for our bodies to regenerate. I know that when I had issues with sleeping I tried all sorts of things to help me with it e.g bath before bedtime, candles to create a relaxing atmosphere, camomile tea.

These are the some of the things that I have experienced, practiced and can say that have worked for me.

Taking care of our physical and metal wellbeing is our responsibility and finding our way around our selves is a journey, this can be tough at times but the end destination is that we find peace and happiness within ourselves.

What do you do to stay happy, balanced and healthy?


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