Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask Review

Sunday evening have been reserved for masking, facials and general self maintance. If anyone tells you that beauty comes naturally to them….ummmm no it requires a good mix of skincare, diet and lifestyle.

I love collecting masks and try and keep up with new skincare discoveries (that I usually discover late).

I am not new to Nip+Fab products as I have been a loyal user of their Glycolic Fix Face Scrub. This product has been working its magic for over 2 years now. So when I recently went to get another supply from my trusty local Boots, I came across another product from their range.

Dragons Blood Plumping Mask claims to provide hydration (hyaluronic acid), cleanses pores (salicylic acid) and the signature ingrediants Croton Lechleri tree which helps to protect and keep your skin away from free environmental nasties e.g cold air, sunbathing etc

You can use this mask in two ways, either a thick layer for 10 min and wash it off or my favourite way a thin layer as an overnight mask. Using it in this way has helped hydrate my skin and leave it feeling super soft.

I think overall this product is great if you have dry skin and need a burst of moisture. The other thing I found was that this product is perfect as pre event mask.

Now I am trying to think of any negative things I found while using this product but I am happy to report there are none.

Have any of you used any Nip+Fab products? Which ones?


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