5 Netflix Shows You Need To Watch.

I have never been one to watch TV, in fact there was a period in my apartment in London where I didn’t even own a TV.

However since Netflix hit us with its huge range of movies and boxsets it started a whole new addiction of bing watching.

From all of the shows I have come across the ones that have really made me watch all the way through in one or maybe two/three sittings are the below:

Stranger Things

An American Sci Fi 80’s based drama. This show is best described as cross between The Goonies and Are you afraid of the dark?, both of which I recall watching while growing up and still love. A group of High School kids come across an alternative universe known as Upside Down and so begins their journey on stopping the Upside Down world coming into their world. I don’t want to give to much but the 80’s soundtrack is enough to make you fall in love with the show.

Gossip Girl

A New York based show centred around the lives of Upper East Side Prep school teenagers. The main theme in this show is around an anonymous website that posts gossip involving these individuals and how there life interwines from one fiasco to the best. For me this show made me fall in love with New York, Fashion and how you will find at least one character in the show to be relatable.


A Psychological drama that has you on the edge of your seat. What starts off as a romantic story soon pans out to be so complex that even your wildest imagination could not foresee. If you don’t end up confused as to how you feel about the main protagonist then this show is for you.

The OA

Right from the opening episode of this american supernatural drama we are greeted by Prairie Johnson a women who has been missing for 7 years. The mystery behind her disappearance deepens when she befriends a group of misfits whom she shares her experience and details on how she escaped.

Star Trek Discovery

As a Trekkie I’m a little bit of a snob on any remakes that are produced. So what sold me on this was the fact that the main lead was a women ( I watched all 7 seasons of Star Trek Voyager obsessively due to my admiration of Captain Janeway). Star Trek Discovery is set in a time before Captin Kirk and Enterprise. The series centres around the adopted sister of Spock, Michael and the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilisations.

All the above have been shows that I have come again and again to watch and can’t recommend highly enough.

What Netflix shows are you loving?


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