O.P.M Burgers

One of the biggest realisation I made once I had left London, after a 10 year residency, is that us Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat.

Now saying that I took it upon myself to find alternatives of my favorite places (I mean going to London every fortnight to get my fix, can work out a little expensive and not to say time consuming).

So after sifting through a lot of reviews and recommendations I came across Original Patty Men – A No frill No fuss Burger restaurant.

Located in the Digbirth area of Birmingham City Center, you could actually miss this place if you didn’t really know about it (which is part of the appeal for me).

With a very relaxed atmosphere the decor reminded me of being somewhere in Shoreditch very rustic yet unique.

Once we sat down at our table we were given the menu which was clearly laid out, Burgers (they do Wings on Wednesdays only), Fries, Sides and Sauces.

We ordered the Alabama Slammer- a deep fried breaded chicken thigh on top of a tangy lime and ginger slaw and a choice of the Alabama sauce or Franks hot sauce any guesses which one I went for…….Hot Sauce!!

We also ordered the Spiced fries that were cooked to perfection crispy on the outside and soft on the inside (there is nothing worse than a bad fry).

This was all washed down with Lemony Lemonade refreshing and light.

The service was fast and the staff were friendly.

At the time we left the restaurant was very busy so i would recommend going early.

I would say if you are looking for a messy yet yummy burger than this is the place for you.

I intend to visit again to check out their wings menu and will surely report back.

Whats your favorite burger place and why ?


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