May 2019 Empties

To sum up the month of May….mhmmmm well it was slow to say the least. I honestly can say that apart from starting a new job (after 3 months off) nothing really that great happened. I mean even with the new job I am still feeling largely unsettled.

I am in actual fact happy that it is over as it means I am one month closer to going away for my traditional “I refuse to spend my birthday in my birth country” vacay (15 yrs and counting my lovelies).

Anyway, let’s get right to it and go though some of my May empties:

No7. Mascara –  Black

I have yet to find the perfect mascara and until then I will continue to try them all out. So I got this mascara at reduced price due to there being a 2 for 3 offer at my local boots No7 counter. It was a new product only recently released so thought why not try it. The packaging was a beautiful cooper colour and the wand of the mascara has the perfect curve. The mascara claims to give a fuller look. It went on pretty easy but I felt the formula was too clumpy for my liking. It separated my eyelashes well however I didn’t find that it thickened my sparse eyelashes.

Carex Hand Sanitiser – Aloe Vera

Hand sanitisers are an essential part of my handbag, in fact there was a point in time whereby I carried 2 (rebel right). Now  if you are looking for a hand sanitiser that does not  smell clinical or leave your hands dry, then this is the one for you, with a sublet aloe vera smell and has a moisturising effect on your skin.

Forest Feast – Dried Mango

I am obsessed with fruit fresh and dried. These dried mangos look like leather strips but don’t let that put you off they are the perfect 2pm snack time anywhere. The only way I can describe them is as sweet yet chewy texture. I go through 1 of these every 2/3 weeks.

ESPA – Bergamot and Sandlewood Body lotion

I picked this up at the last hotel in London we had stayed in. I had ran out hand lotion and needed something small enough for my handbag so I started using this as a hand lotion. I am a firm believer that if something is good enough for the rest of your body than its good enough for your hands. The scent is best described as the smell of a spa in a bottle. It worked really well in moisturising my hands and especially my dry cuticles.

Green & Black – Maya Gold

Dark chocolate is really an acquired taste you either love it or hate it. I fall on the later category- Love Love Love it! A dark spicy yet mellow creamy chocolate bar that is very smooth.

Apart from the mascara all the other items I would repurchase and recommend. The Mascara is the only items this month I have been disappointed with.

Have any of you tried the above items?


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