5 Essential Things To Pack In your Travel Hand Luggage

Last year I traveled to 8 different cities in 6 different countries, this included quick city breaks and a long haul flight to Oman.  Travelling is something I have always enjoyed  but only really got into doing over the last few years. I guess with flights being so cheap to Europe from the UK there is no excuse not to board a flight and getaway.

Over the course of my travels I have mastered the art of not only packing light but also making sure I carry a few important items, that can help make my flight and travel day a little relaxed.

So here are my Top 5 items I recommend to have in your carry on luggage:

Book– If like me you are way too busy and tired after a long day to open a book and read then Airport waiting time, transfer time and flight duration are the best points in which you can catch up on a good book. My last two holidays reads are below both I highly recommend for easy reading.

Headphones– I literally don’t know anyone who now travels without any headphones. Airports can be a noisy and overwhelming place so being able to block this all out with the sound of playlist or podcast is perfect to help get you into holiday mode. My current headphones are the Apple Air pods both convenient as they are wireless and deliver crisp sound with noise cancelling.

Pashmina– aeroplanes can be very cold so I always carry a large pashmina that can double up as a blanket to keep me warm.

Antibacterial wipes– I have this ritual for when I am on an aeroplane, as soon as I find my allocated seat I pull out antibacterial wipes and clean everything from the TV, remote control, table, armrests and if I am next to a window that too. I know I sound like some OCD crazy lady but trust me when I say you don’t how many people have sat on that seat that you are about to sit on.

Snacks– Plane food is so bland and not at all tasteful from my experience. So I always carry with me some dried food, protein bar, unsalted nuts, pretzels and some dark chocolate for when the sugar craving hits.

What important things do you always carry in your travel hand luggage?


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