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“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” –David Attenborough

Like most of the viewers of David Attenborough documentary series Our Planet I was too impacted by the effects of climate change due to our current way of living.

The fact of the matter is that things need to change and the change must come from us as individuals.

It’s our responsibility to educate ourselves and try and look for alterative and eco-friendly items that help make the planet a better place.

So far from my part I have made the following changes to begin with:

  • Recycle
  • Cut down meat to once a week.
  • Paperless- All our household bills and personal correspondence are done online.

These are all very small changes that I hope eventually will create a more sustainable way of living.

My first step towards making all these changes came from switching over to a reusable coffee cup. Now those of you have been following my Instagram and twitter will know that I am big coffee drinker and am guilty of buying a lot of Starbucks takeaway cups.

After going over quite a few reviews on amazon I purchased a KeepCup.

Based in Australian the creators of the KeepCup pride themselves on producing the perfect Barista standard Takeaway Coffee cup.

I bought the 12oz size which is perfect for my Starbucks tall coconut milk Latte. The cost of the cup varies depending on the size. I paid £20 for mine. The cup is made from glass that is PBA free and has a cork sleeve around the centre to give a sturdy hold. The lid is made from silicone and goes on almost like a suction which ensures no spillage. The cup is dishwasher safe (I tend to take the cork sleeve off as I am not sure how well it would do in the dishwasher) and lightweight.

The only downside I found from the KeepCup was that it did not keep my coffee warm. However, I can look past this due to the cup being so practical, stylish and durable.

In the long run having your daily dose of coffee in a reusable cup can lower the greenhouse gas emissions up to 92% in a year compared to disposable cups being used. So really it’s a no brainer.

Have you made any small yet significant changes towards a sustainable way of living ? Please do share below in the comment section I would love to know.

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