Jo Malone – White Jasmine & Mint

I am a complete homebody this is someone who enjoys nothing more than to spend time at home. I feel the older I am  getting the more I am appreciating the little things in life like fresh Egyptian cotton bed sheets, strong French press coffee and a good box set ( boy do I sound like an O.A.P) but I feel these are the things that help you to relax and stay stress free.

Ever since I have been working I have realised that my space at home is my sanctuary my safe place to come to at the end of a very stressful day. I also try and spend the whole of Sunday at home mainly catching up on sleep. laundry, cleaning and baking.

Therefore, in order to create a calming atmosphere in my home there are a number of things I do which include creating the right kind of scent for the house. Now I feel in life you are either a candle person or not for example my mother like myself loves candles but my mother in law prefers diffuser’s. So finding a good perfumery that can help you pick the scent you like is important and that’s where Jo Malone comes in.


Jo Malone is a British perfumer who established her brand on selling everything from scented candles, perfumes and diffuser’s.  You will now find her shop in most major high streets and shopping malls.

The last few months have been majorly stressful with our move from London to up north and now living in a temporary home until we find our little nest. This has all led to a lot of unsettled sleep. So a few weeks ago I decided to pop into Birmingham Grand Central to visit the Jo Malone store there (now I don’t know about you but I prefer to shop in the actual shop to the concessions as I feel the service is better).

So I needed a candle for our living room something strong enough to eliminate any odors yet relaxing. After testing out a few with the help of a very sweet sales associate I decided upon purchasing the White Jasmine and Mint candle.

A very subtle floral scent with notes of vanilla, citrus lemon and a hint of mint. This is a very welcoming, warm and clean scent which is not very overpowering or sweet, perfect for any living area. Like with all Jo Malone candles they come with a black / off white box and a pack of matches.

Now the beauty of Jo Malone candles I find is that you don’t always have to light them up in order to enjoy the smell, most of the time I just take off the metal lid and its strong enough to gently fill the room up with the scent. Typically for me the candle lasts up to 6 months and maybe more.


Are you a big fan of candles?




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