No7 Foundation Review

Finding the perfect foundation is finding the perfect shoe fit and we all know that once you do its heaven.

Growing up I was never a makeup kind of girl, for me makeup was a quick wing eyeliner and a lick of lip balm.

However, this soon changed once I got to older and started seeing that my skin needed a little something to help it look its best. I have to admit here that Vitiligo played a big part in me venturing down the makeup isles. I needed something that would help cover up the white patches and also not make me look like I was caked on with layers of makeup.

So the adventure began to find the perfect foundation that could deliver the correct colour, coverage, longevity and not transfer aka not budge and an inch as I hated doing touch ups.

I decided one spring Saturday morning to head to my nearest shopping mall completely barefaced to find the perfect foundation (I picked to go early as the shops were opening so I would miss the crowds).

Armed with reviews I read online I headed to the various counters inside House of Frasers – once I tried a few I ended up at the Estee Lauder counter and here’s where everything changed. The lady introduced to me to what will be known as the ultimate foundation colour and formula for me – Ladies and Gentlemen I give you

Double Wear

Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body SPF 15


As soon as tried on this foundation I was in love it was light yet very pigmented but the best part was that it does not move and morphed into my skin as though it was not even there.

I used this foundation for a good 4/5 years until the wonderful people at Estee Lauder decided to discontinue it…… cue the rush around to buy it from nearly every Estee Lauder counter and then up until 2 years ago I ran out my stash.

I spent a few days crying and I know this might sound like a first world problem but anyone who has suffered the ordeal of finding a foundation that matches would sympathise with me at this point.

So again the search began, I did go back to the Estee Lauder counter but for some reason I can not find the correct shade for me or an equivalent FYI I am still holding out that one day I will go to that counter meet a nice lady who will understand what I need from my foundation and help me find the correct shade but until that day I needed a new foundation

So I looked again at other brands and upon the recommendation from my husband while on one of our shopping trips to our local Boots, he said “well why don’t you try the No7 counter” (he uses their face wash and moisturiser so he was clearly sold on their products).

So I sat on the stool and the lady did a foundation match test and handed me a sample to try of


Beautifully Matt foundation in Deeply Honey.


I tested it out the foundation for a week and fell in love with it as it was a close alternative to my trusty Double Wear.

All in all this foundation matched and covered my vitiligo, it also lasted all day with no touch up as it was very pigmented which I was not expecting considering how reasonably priced it was compared to most high-end foundations. The only downside I found was that it moved and by move I mean you can’t touch your face without the foundation coming off.

That being said I have found this foundation work pretty well for me in the interim…. 2 years and counting. ( I am still hoping that Estee Lauder will launch my shade eventually). So until then I have will master the art of not touching my face too much.

Have any of you tried anything from the No7 range? I feel it’s so undersold and not many people steer towards their products.



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