How BwithBlue really started?

Recently I was nominated by the lovely Susanne who runs – a wonderful Lifestyle blog for the Blogger Recognition Award.

I was both surprised and honoured, I have been blogging now for a good 2 years and its been a adventure. I have met many amazing, talented and unique people on the various social media platforms.

So I am thankful to Susanne for this wonderful opportunity to share my story and some tips that might help my fellow bloggers out there.

Now before I start I would like to share the rules of the “Blogger Recognition Award”

The Rules Of The Game:

  • A Link back to the original post and the blogger who tagged you.
  • A small paragraph on why you started blogging and the origins of your blog.
  • Two pieces of advice to any new bloggers.
  • Select and tag 15 other bloggers you want to give this award this to!


Where did it all begin?

A little over two years ago I found myself in very bad health, ridden with anxiety and stress and at crossroads of what I wanted to do. A large part of this was caused by my work environment. I needed an outlet something and somewhere I can share my creative side, opinions and share my stories basically, so I started blogging.

BwithBlue was created with my favourite colour in mind.

However, as I am still relatively a new blogger I am still trying to find my niche so to speak but its a fun adventure trying to figure it all out.

Two pieces of advice to any new bloggers: 

Social Media- Twitter, Instagram etc.

You will be very surprised on how significant social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram and Pinterest matter to your blogging profile and traffic. This is something I have had to learn overtime and am still trying to get the hang of.

My advice to you when it comes to these platforms is to stay active, share your photos (they don’t have to be perfect), comment and like on other blogger/ non blogger posts, be organised, also take care of what time you post you will be surprised how much that makes a difference in your engagement.

Ignore the Number Game

Its very hard to not feel frustrated when you are doing everything that you are supposed to and yet you are not getting any new followers, new readers on your blog or even any interaction.
BUT STOP…… Blogging is not about the number of likes or followers you have.
Don’t fall into this pitfall of looking at other bloggers and comparing the numbers- YOU DO YOU.
Write what you want to write about, Put up pictures that you want to, this is your space on the world wide web so just relax and enjoy the ride.
Now here are 15 Blogs that I nominate for this award…….

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Hi my lovelies, My name is Roz and I am the person behind BwithBlue Blog. I first started this blog as an outlet for my creative side and for my love for all things Fashion, Food, Travel and Lifestyle. I work full time in a Corporate Finance background and needed something fun and out of my comfort zone to try. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. XOXO

4 thoughts on “How BwithBlue really started?

  1. I love the ignore the numbers tip. It’s always a bit frustration because I tend to compare myself with really huge bloggers. So now I focus more on reaching my own goals which works much better 🙂

  2. I enjoy your content a lot on Instagram 😊 I haven’t been blogging as much because my focus is on other things, however, you have a calming voice which I enjoy when you speak doing your Insta stories. I hope you do a LIVE sharing your marathon experience. Would be interesting. Congrats for being nominated! Life shouldn’t be about a numbers game, it is about a person being on their own journey because we aren’t here to compete but be better than we were yesterday.

    1. Awww thanks chica – yes it so true that people really loose their authentic self through social media… i say keep it real and always remember this is a wonderful space to just be yourself. 🙂