5 Makeup Brands You Should Invest In

If like me you are new to makeup and only recently have fallen in love with experimenting with different colours and textures. You will soon come to realise that its good to invest in makeup that lasts not just on your face but sitting on your bathroom shelf longer.

Nowadays, we are so spoilt for choice with so many high end and high street branded makeup lines coming out. Having so much choice can also mean that you are a little lost as to what brands to buy into. I know when I first started buying makeup I had no idea where to start, so I began with researching and watching YouTube tutorials.

I now would like to think I have a fair understanding of what to buy into and what is to me a hype product.  I feel the below five makeup brands are good enough for you to invest in ( now I say invest as these makeup products are a little on the expensive side but well worth it).


My first ever purchase from Chanel makeup was a red matt lipstick which I can’t recall the name of. I love the monochrome packaging of Chanel products and the formulas are highly pigmented so much, so a little goes a long way. This being said I am not a big fan of their foundation simply because I think the range of colours they have are not vast enough for my all skin colours including my south Asian skin. However, their blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadow’s are amazing.


If you are looking for the perfect blushes or lip colour I suggest you go to your nearest Nars Counter there is no way you wont find one that compliments you. I have been using their blushes for years and even wore it on my wedding day. Nars colour range is insane and all of the products are highly pigmented, the packaging is quite similar to Chanel. However I feel the range is a lot more daring than Chanel.

Charlotte Tilbury

Still a relatively new brand (established in 2013) Charlotte Tilbury a British brand is fast becoming popular for all ages. With its glamorise gold packaging and even more quirky  celebrity names on products its hard to ignore this range of colourful lipsticks, blushes and bronzes. I have been using their Filmstar bronzer and highlighter over a year now. Their matt revolution lipstick in Secret Selma is my ultimate go to lipstick for my everyday makeup look.

Tom Ford

The guy behind the fashion of Gucci and Saint Laurent, Tom Ford who went on to create a beauty line. Which some would say is a risk but not in this case. What Mr. Ford has created is not only a range of makeup that is luxurious and pretty to look at but also great to wear on your skin. From the pigmented lipsticks to the gorgeous eyeshadows.  I am slowly but surely building up a collection starting with 2 lipsticks (as shown in the above pic) and an eyeshadow palette.


Maybe some of you are wondering where Mac is on this list? Or even what happened to brands like Lancôme, Clarins etc. To be honest the above are brands that I feel I would have loved to have been told about before I went on my journey of researching. I feel these are brands that provide more than one or two great products to add to your makeup collection.

I loved sharing this post with you all, do let me know if you like for me to write more posts on Beauty.

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