Favourite Five May 2018

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I am trying to get this post to happen on a monthly basis and so far I am failing. Here is me hoping that this 2nd attempt to resuscitate is actually going to be consistent.

May was a super busy month for me celebrating our one year wedding anniversary, traveling up north to see family and finally organising the flat (we moved in March) and we all know moving is traumatic.

So here are a few of my favs for you to feast your eyes over.

Bear Nibbles Fruit Roll ups

I am always on the hunt to find the perfect healthy snacks and am a little crazy when it comes to fruit.

So when I came across these fruit roll up which are gluten free, dairy free and have less then 5 ingredients which are all natural and healthy I snapped them up. I tend to eat them around the 2pm hunger pang that happens in the office and they have just the right amount of sugar in order to avoid those office biscuits and cakes.

Tea Time

Now I am a big coffee drinker but recently I have switched to drinking tea in the evenings after dinner. I find it such a calming way to winding down at the end of the day. So after a trip to Whittard of Chelsea which is a famous tea shop based in the UK I picked up some Turkish Apple Tea and their famous Chelsea Blend- both are light and yummy.img_2467

Peony love

Another reason why I love this time of the year I my favourite flowers are around- Peonies are my go to flowers, they were in my wedding bouquet and a regular fixture in my home. They never fail to put a smile on my face and the smell is divine.


Weekend Breakfast

Its so hard to get around to making a decent breakfast during the week, I always end up either with a bowl of granola and almond milk or a piece of toast with almond butter. So Saturday and Sunday mornings are a little special as I get to make a proper breakfast I am talking gluten free pancakes, waffles or a cheeky egg toast.


Conquering Biryani

When it comes to South Asian Cooking or as I would call it “Desi” cooking I am a FAIL. Growing up my mum would whip up epic meals in a matter of 30 min’s making it look so easy and effortless, so as you can imagine I was spoilt with home cooked food.

After getting married I realised there is only so many western meals I can cook, I mean at some point you need that kick of spice especially if you are Asian. So I cheated a little and went bought one of those packet spices with instructions on the back to make my fav dish Chicken Biryani. I made it for the first time and thankfully it not only smelled a lot like what my mums Biryani smells like but also tasted a little like it.

Do you have any favourites that have got you through the month of May ?

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