20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

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I guess some of you have already noticed on my blog and on social media that I tend not to put my face all over the place – I am blogging anonymously.


There is no particular reason behind this other than the fact that I am not yet ready to put myself fully out there ( I think this is something that is changing over time).

Now until then here are a few things that might help you all best understand who I am:

  1. I have 3 sisters and no brothers, my sisters are my soulmates, my best friends,my everything.
  2. I am a complete Foodie.
  3. I met my husband for the first time when we were just little kids ( our mums are best friends) and like to think they arranged the whole thing.
  4. I have been dairy free for 3 years now.
  5. I suffer from Vitiligo ( a skin condition) and Batters Syndrome (a Chronic kidney disorder).img_2617
  6. I have a slight obsession with Whales which my husband finds very funny considering I can’t swim and have a fear of drowning.
  7. I could happily eat Angry Fries every day.
  8. The saddest and most defining moment of my life was when I lost my father to cancer 13 yrs ago.
  9. Addicted to watching re-runs of Dawsons Creek, Friends and Ally Mcbeal.
  10. As a child I wanted to grow up to be a lawyer- once I started to study it at uni I changed my mind. I now work as a Management Accountant ( yep I did a complete 360).
  11. Most of my best friends don’t live in the same city or country as me hence I love Skype/Facetime and WhatsApp.
  12. I own 4 yrs worth of British Vogue copies…..and counting.
  13. I can’t stand chipped nail polish hence why I have learnt to give myself a manicure at home (going to get your nails done every fortnight can end up pretty expensive).
  14. My husband is my best friend and one of the most supportive, calm and sweetest humans I have or will ever meet.
  15. When I travel I tend to build my itinary around places that I would like to eat at.
  16. My go to drink is sparkling water.
  17. Loyalty is a big thing for me in all relationships.
  18. I live by the motto of “life is too short” therefore show love/kindness and let go of the past.
  19. I was lucky enough to grow up with parents who placed a lot of empahsis on education and equality between boys and girls , which is a rare thing considering they came from a muslim pakistani background. I will forever be thankful to them for bringing myself and my sisters to be strong, independent, educated and self -sustained women.
  20. I have been a Londoner for almost 10 years.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this break from the norm post and I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me, do you have anything that most people would not realise about you?


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Hi my lovelies, My name is Roz and I am the person behind BwithBlue Blog. I first started this blog as an outlet for my creative side and for my love for all things Fashion, Food, Travel and Lifestyle. I work full time in a Corporate Finance background and needed something fun and out of my comfort zone to try. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. XOXO

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