10 must haves for every wardrobe

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We all need items in our wardrobes that are staples, that are also known as all round mix and match with anything, anytime garments.

I try and do a big cleanup at least once or twice a year order to condense my wardrobe right down and only keeping items that I have been wearing regularly.

In all of this spring/ summer/ anytime of the year wardrobe cleaning I noted that there are certain items of clothing that almost every time end up on the TO KEEP pile.

If you don’t have any of the below already then I do urge you to invest in them.


The classic white shirt is essential to any wardrobe as it can be worn in so many ways and at so many occasions be it over a pair of jeans or under a grey pencil skirt. It oozes off a certain level of elegance and clean look.


Up until I got my first paid job I put down the classic pencil skirt as something that only secretaries wore (I know fashion blasphemy). However thanks to shows like Mad Men and Suits the old pencil skirt has had a new lease of life and no longer something associated with middle age women or ice maidens.


Men, women, children hell no one can avoid wearing a pair of blue jeans. Dress it up or down, they come in different style such as skinny, boyfriend, bootleg, highrise, low rise there are literally so many varieties that anyone can find something to suit there body shape and comfort.


Yes its expensive but look at this as an investment piece. Anything cashmere is a a sign of  elegance and luxury.  Wear it over a pair of jeans or even over a dress. Soft and light yet can keep you warm without you carrying a cost or scarf around.


Finding the right kind of ankle boots that both fits comfortably and goes perfectly with trousers, skirts and jeans is not a easy task. A few years ago I found the perfect boot but the only mistake i made was not buying two pairs. Ankle Boots are versatile in the sense that they pretty much go with everything and can be worn to any occasion.


I bought my very first trouser suit from H&M for my first job interview (hey I had a small budget) the suit served the purpose of being smart and stylish. Although I soon realised trouser suits are not just reserved for the office environment. A good trouser suit 1- does not need to be expensive, 2- does not need to be boring.


An essential item for winter where you can layer it up under a sweater or cardigan or in the summer over a pair of shorts or an a-line skirt.  No one t-shirt is the same as they come in varies different designs – cropped, buttoned, nautical, long sleeved, sleeveless or even cropped.


Black Heels or any heels for that matter add an instant boost of confidence at least for me to an outfit. Black Heels are no longer the boring shoe at the back of your wardrobe, with the ever changing fashion trends the black shoe has been given a makeover on a numerous occasions.


Ballerinas or as I would call them flat shoes are a must in every girls wardrobe. Now Why Nude and not in any other colour? well I think its important to start with the basics first and this is a basic what you need to have in your collection.


Ahhhhh the Little Black Dress!! Do I really need to justify why you need to have this item in your wardrobe. Its the ultimate dress for any girl to have for work, evening dinner or parties.

I believe that having these items are a great way to start building a staple yet stylish wardrobe. Personally I am not a trend follower as I think style is down to each individual person. Just because you see something being pushed in magazines or on runways does not necessary mean its for you to buy into.

Go with what suits your body shape, comfort levels and what can in the end bring you confidence to go about your ever day life.

Fashion and Style should not be about conforming or making others happy.

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One thought on “10 must haves for every wardrobe

  1. I’ve just ordered a pair of blue ‘mom jeans’ that I’m really hoping are finally going to be the jeans for me! I’m really trying to grow my t-shirt collection as well. It’s so nice when you start to settle into your own style and work out what you need 🙂
    Thanks for the post!
    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth