When in doubt Just Run

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So some of you who might follow me on my social media will know that I have decided to run the Richmond Half a Marathon.

No, I have not lost my marbles even though when I told my husband he thought it was a joke.

My Mother on the other hand being a typical Pakistani Punjabi mum replied “but who are you running from”

Anyway, let me start from the beginning, around 4 years ago I was an avid runner and I even took part in the Regents Park 10k race finishing it in under an hour which was a big achievement for me. I tuned to running at a time in my life when work was stressing me and made me feel vey low about myself. I would be working over 10 hrs days with no real progress and no real appreciation.

Running was recommended by a friend as an outlet for me to just zone out and let go.

At first I was highly sceptic and thought to myself really I mean what’s the point and this will not help. However, after my first proper run after work I was hooked- the feeling was just exhilarating and helped me to just let go of what ever happened on that day.

I was running pretty much 4/5 times a week sometimes on the treadmill at the gym and sometimes outside which is what I prefer.

In November 2015, right after my engagement things changed big time, I ended up in hospital for 2 weeks and was told that my chronic illness Bartter Syndrome has got worse and that I would now have to be on regular medication for the rest of my life. I was previously managing my Bartters through my diet.

This effected my ability to run and my motivation to do so too.

After the relapse another thing also changed I left my job and it was the best decision.

Now fast forward to 2018- At the beginning of this year my husband and I wrote down our goals for 2018 what we hoped to achieve and conquer. One of my goals was to start running again as it helped my mood and stress levels.  But like with anything you need that little push to get you started. So I was looking around on the internet one day and I started googling where there are races happening around where I live and then I discovered that there is the Richmond Half a marathon in September. So I took this as a prompt and signed up straight away.

Signing up meant I also needed to start running again and coming up with a plan of action ( I have 5 months to run 13miles in under 2 hrs and 30min). So now I am running 5 times a week and so far its been a challenge especially the getting out to actually run. But once I am running I am completely happy and content.

“There is no such thing as a bad run as a bad run”

I am also changing my diet a little by incorporating more carbs (yayyyyeee) and drinking ridiculous amount of water this is just to start with .

I have also started using the Nike App for running its great to keep an eye on your progress your pace and also I love the fact you get little stickers ever time you hit an achievement.

The other great thing about taking part in the Half a Marathon is the charity part. I am hoping to raise money for Cancer Research as its a charity that is personally  close to my heart.

I am both excited and scared but I know that this will be a great to challenge myself and my body.

Between you and me I also put my name down for the London 2019 Marathon Ballot – very unlikely that I will get in but just imagine…..

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