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Sushi has always been on my top three favorite list of Food options. However, I have come to an understanding that it is an acquired taste. Not everyone jumps at the sight of fresh Salmon Sashimi or a well built California Roll.

One of the main issues that some of my friends have sited in eating at a good sushi restaurant apart from the high prices is that they always leave feeling as hungry as they went in.

I was determined to prove them wrong so in came Sushimania. 

I am a regular at their Golders Green branch as its located close to my home. The restaurant itself has very Japanese feel it too with its dark red and black interiors. Upon seated you will be given two options as explained below:

1. All You Can Eat– £15, not including services charges. A list of different dishes including sushi rolls, sashimi, rice, noodle, Gyzo, edamame this is just to name a few. Now the Rules- You are only allowed to order 6 dishes at a time- You have to finish all items or there will be a full price charge on any dishes not consumed.

2. A La Carte– Any dish for half price. I have never taken advantage of this option as I have always enjoyed having a  little of everything rather than one main dish.

Here are a few pics from my recent visit of my favorite dishes:

capture9-e1508942286428.jpgSalmon Sashimi – Salmon & Avocado Roll – Spicy Salmon & Avocado Roll – Tuna & Avocado Roll – Seaweed Salad.

Crunchy Chicken GyzoCrispy Sweet Potato Tempura

The total was around £31 not bad for 15 dishes consumed between two…..A Good Deal indeed.

I would highly recommend this place for those of you who are new to sushi and who are a little bit wary of how much you spend.


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