Little Bird

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One of the things I love most about London apart from the fact that its so diverse and full of opportunities, its the food scene.

You don’t have to trek all the way to central London to find a decent restaurant with great atmosphere and an epic menu to match.

Such a place is Little Bird Lounge & Restaurant, which my husband and I came across one day driving around Chiswick. They also have a branch in Battersea which we have yet to try.

Little Bird

Now how shall I begin to describe this place mhmm ok let me keep it short and simple. The restaurant is located near Chiswick train station in-between some residential houses, but don’t be fooled by its location. Once you are inside you are greeted by a very “I am on holiday somewhere on a island ” deco.

The establishment boasts a great cocktail bar with a buzzy atmosphere. I would say its a very casual yet smart place to dine with a combination of sofas, dinning tables and high chairs.

Little Bird

Now here comes the important part the food, its a selection of pan-asian cuisine tapas style. You are urged to select at least 3 dishes per person some of the items can be ordered as a main course with a little extra price tag.

We ordered the following item which came out as and when they were ready (note that this is not the kind of place where they do the whole starter, main course etc) which is a little refreshing.

Watermelon and Duck Salad

What a beautiful combination and so light with courgette, carrot and spring onion noodles in a sesame and poppy soya sauce dressing.

Watermelon & Duck

Seared Tuna Sashmi 

Now this was the winner in fact we ordered this x2, thin slices of seared tuna in a tangy lime dressing. If any of you love Capriccio or sashimi this is a must try for you then.

Seared Tuna Sashimi

Steak with Courgette Fries 

Strips of tender sirloin steak cooked to perfection with courgette fries, all guilt free and waist friendly.



Mini beef burgers, meaty and mighty. Maybe not the best burger I have ever had ( I am a burger snob after all) but they were a little above your average slider.


Little Bird has become one of our favourite resturants not only because all the above dishes are delicious but the whole idea behind the taste and flavour of each dish, its all very much thought out.

Yes it is a little on the pricy side, our entire meal (6 dishes plus 2 Cocktails) came to around £80 but its worth every penny. You are not just paying for the food its also the atmosphere, the staff are helpful in going through the menu and welcoming.

Its also a place that gets booked up super quick so a little Tip: BOOK IN ADVANCE.

So if any of you find yourself on the West side of London Town or looking for a place to go that has the vibe of a exclusive restaurant in London, yet none of that  whole “We need this table back in 2 hours” rule then please check this little gem out.

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  1. The person you covered their face with an emoji was a good idea to respect their privacy 🙂 I would have cropped out the whole person, but then would have been annoyed having to miss out the whole picture 😛 I like the statue by the front of the door. I’m a big statue kind of person! Enjoy seeing a place that has them 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading. I did think to edit my husband out of the pic but like you said I didn’t want to loose such a great pic. So instead used some basic editing skills and put an emoji instead. The decor inside and outside this restaurant is on point.