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Thursday is that day of the week whereby you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, where life almost starts making sense, where you go into the day thinking tomorrow its Friday.

Basically its the second best day of the working week (friday being the first)

​So what better way to celebrate it then with a burger and at my favourite burger place.

Located in a Marylebone pub The Royal Oak, they have a regular pop-up named Burgerac’s Burgershack.

Booking a table is very much recommended as this place gets busy and they have limited number of tables available

Once you arrive at the table…..ahhhh let the ordering commence.

As this is one of our regular burger places ( I believe we visit it at least 2 times a month). We have mastered the ordering.

There is a table service but when the pub gets busy with evening drinkers, you might as well save yourself the wait and go to the bar and order

​So feast your eyes on the below of what you can possibly find at this pub:


First up we have the Korean Sriracha Chicken Burger, succulent chicken breast covered in a crunchy coating of breadcrumbs and then smothered in Sriracha sauce….oh and not enough that sprinkling of sesame sauce all over. A burger to remember and a excellent twist on a boring chicken burger.

I ordered the usual Beef Burger, no cheese but trust me there is no need for cheese here. The beef patty was cooked to perfection, the meat succulent and tasty, accompanied on a bed of mustard and tomato sauce and pickles. Yes, it is very simple but thats the beauty of the burger, the simple the better.


Now I am one of those times of people that judges a burger place by not just the burgers they serve but also the sides.

There are way too many really good burger establishments that are let down by their side options…sometimes a person whats a good chip to accompany that burger or a great onion ring.

Here at Burgershack  this is not the case, you will not find some of the best sides and these are enough for two to share. However, in my case I don’t share Fries…..ever!

Hot and Blue Fries, now there are only two places in London that i have come across where this is served. A mountain of crispy fries covered in a hot spicy hot sauce and lashings of blue cheese sauce. Oh so bad but oh so yummy.

Chilli Cheese Fries, any of my readers who are always in search of the perfect chilli chips please let me tell you i found it here. Aged beef chilli with just the right amount of spice to give it that kick topped up with mature cheddar cheese.

Now that we have got all of the foodie elements out of the way here is the little downside. On my last visit I was informed by the bar staff that they would be no longer having the pop-up in their pub. But not to worry there is another popup at The Social.

So whenever you are in doubt and need an all round burger place….please go ahead and check Burgershack out.

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