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What an odd month its been with such erratic weather here in London and if I hear one more Londoner complain about the heat I will loose it. Invest in a good deodorant and carry a bottle of water for love of god people.

Anyway, this month has been a mix of beauty, food and I now purchase household items instead of designer bags ahhh how things have changed

Organic Edamame Spaghetti

So I usually have a rule to eat healthy 80% of the time and the rest is all naughty things e.g french fries, candy and cake.
Now when I am doing my fortnightly grocery shopping I do try and pick alternatives to my addiction to carbs, so when I came across these Edamame Spaghetti I had to give them ago.

Cooking them were easier enough in fact they took less time then wholewheat or wheat Pasta, Now comes the taste test mhmmmmm this was interesting as they were full of flavour and so light (no post pasta meal bloat factor here).

Would I buy them again? Yes, but maybe will keep the sauce to accompany the pasta simple I am thinking Pesto.



Who would have thought the day would have come whereby the sight of garden furniture and Egyptian cotton would give me such happiness. Well it has happened, although I draw the line at DIY that’s what handyman/boyfriends and husbands are for.

Latest buys include Rattan Garden chairs and table from Homebase– thankfully we have a balcony and we all now in London outdoor space and Parking are a commodity.

I also purchased some bathroom glass Jars to store basics like cotton pads and ear buds these were from my new fav store Dunlem 


Foot Mask 

On my two last trips abroad Paris and Istanbul, I went out of my way to find the nearest Sephora. Lord knows we need this in London and for the life of me I can’t understand why we don’t have one.

I tend to buy their masks they are cheap and do wonders, I especially go for their foot masks.

The foot masks are a life saver, they come as a pair of liquid soaked socks which you place your feet in,  I usually leave them on overnight and buy the morning buy buy dry skin hello smooth soft supple feet.


Cooking has been my saviour and there is nothing more i enjoy then coming home and unwinding by cooking up a feast.

I usually find a recipe and keep going to it until I find the next ( I have been known to cook Sunday roast every Sunday for 4 months solid- yep pretty fed up of that now).  I also tend to stay away from cooking Asian food I know shock horror being from a Pakistani background you would think i make the perfect curry – Wrong!.

So after watching countless YouTube videos ans Facetime support from my mum I decided to cook Puri and Channa Dal.

Now for those of you who don’t know this dish is a very traditional Pakistani/Indian dish. Now Puri is basically made of plain flour and water dough that is then rolled out like roti (round) and then fried in oil. Result a crispy crunchy bread. The Channa Dal part is basically chickpea curry.


Butter Bean Coffee

I have recently discovered a new coffee place and its a good one.

Butter Bean is a rustic coffee shop located near Richmond station in London, serving fair trade coffee and they also have a good menu (although I have not tried-yet).


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