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As a self confessed Burger Addict or as my friends refer to me as a “Burger Snob” I am always on the look out for a good, tasty and reasonably priced burger.

Goodman Restaurant which is actually best known for its steak located across London, from Mayfair ,Canary Wharf and The City.  However I have made regular visits here for nothing but the Burgers which I think are pretty much under-sold.

Now lets first start to with the restaurant itself I usually go to the one in Canary Wharf, as its a little less busy (I recommend you book in advance, as I have never seen empty tables). The decor of the restaurant is very old school American whisky bar with distinctive wooden and leather feel.

Once you are seated the staff kindly go though the menu, those who choose to have a steak are shown the different types of steak cut available.

But those of us who like a meaty scrumptious burger ask for the Goodmans Burger ( its  essentially a cheese burger but nothing like you have tasted before).


Now like most good restaurants you need to order the right combination of dishes to enjoy the experience.

I have always ordered the following The Goodmans Burger (this comes with chips which I ask to replace with truffle chips) and stilton sauce.

The burger is best described as a mans burger, very meaty yet juicy, cooked to perfection with the prefect meat to bun ratio (bad burger place please take not of this).

Now as I mentioned before I ask for the chips to be replaced with truffle chips, its a few pounds more but trust me its worth it.

The Truffle chips are the best I have had in London- crispy outer layer with a distinctive aromatic smell that is just divine.


I also order the stilton sauce which is something that usually is recommended with a steak but why should I miss out. The sauce is perfect accompaniment with the crispy truffle chips for dipping.

Now lets talk money shall we our average bill usually comes to around £40 to £45 this is for two people and including drinks and service.

Yes, it is a little steep but worth every penny and for London prices its pretty damn good.

​I would place Goodman as my top 3 burger places in London.

So the next time you find yourself wanting a decent, meaty, worth your money burger pay a visit to this establishment and don’t forget the Truffle chips and Stilton sauce combo.

Happy Burger Eating !!

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